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  1. What I have seen so far was well worth the $195. Over the past year, I have tried other sources but most were an overkill of information and cumbersome. You materials are user-friendly, easy to read and comprehend, well laid out and complete. Your RA policy and procedure is right on time.
    Thank you for the quick turnaround on this request. I feel like I have found a treasure.

    Health, Safety & Physical Security Officer
    Alliant Credit Union

  2. I reviewed your product templates for BC and DR and found the content impressive. I ordered the complete template set with no risk under your guarantee. I wondered if it could exceed my expectations. It Did! Hipaa.net Templates have saved my team weeks of work for a fraction of the cost of building them ourselves. Keep up the good work!

    Tom Hines CIO/CISO
    Trilliant Inc.

  3. These templates look like exactly what I need to complete the next step of our business continuity plan. They seem very complete, but flexible enough so we'll be able to tailor them to our needs.

    Linda Way
    Director, Information Resources
    CNA - Analysis & Solutions

  4. "The most striking aspect of this product is the very comprehensive and easy to comprehend guide on conducting a Business Impact Analysis. This even guide you in reporting the BIA results to the management which I think is a very crucial piece of the whole exercise"

    Chaminda Bandara
    Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company, PJ

  5. Though skeptical of the idea of a template style disaster recovery plan, I was pleasantly surprised of how thorough, polished, and complete the product is. It will be a great tool for our disaster recovery planning needs.

    Mark Wantland
    Dataliant, Inc.
    Engineering Services Manager

  6. Risk Assessment Bundle - Complete Package with Policies is very extensive and suits our purposes well. The advantage of adaptability, allowing us to customize the product, has certainly done a lot to make it our own. This should suit our site very efficiently.
    Thank you.

    CT/CI Analysts, Inc.
    Christopher Johnson

  7. It looks like there's a lot of work ahead for me but much less than I would have had otherwise and you gave me the framework that will make my tasks far more organized that I could have possibly done otherwise.

    Briefly looking through the documents, there are areas I would have overlooked and the templates will make my assignments easier to hand out to the managers and administration.


  8. I can confirm that these templates are an exact fit for our organizational requirements and are going to ensure that this process is easy and effective. Many thanks.

    Kind regards
    Clair Milner
    International Cricket Council

  9. I have been searching for application, database, and server recovery requirements and was very pleased with the content, level of detail and comprehensiveness of these templates. The templates will be the standard form for our various groups providing consistency in recovery documentation.

    Gina Overstreet

  10. "As a consulting company, we were able to save a lot of time using these templates, increasing our profitability on the project."

    A IT Consulting company in Midwest

  11. "This package has some of the best "Highlighted Findings that I have ever seen in a Non Financial Risk Assessment" The finding are directly related to the scopes with perfect supporting evidence. You have made my job tremendously easier, because there is not to much information that you did NOT leave out."

    Stewart Goodwyn - Business Analyst BCP/DRP (Bought risk assessment templates)

  12. "These templates have reduced our cost on project by 60% and saved 3 months of our time. Thank you for these low priced, quality templates."

    A Hospital in California

  13. "We got a quote of $60K to create a similar plans by consulting company. Our time commitment and involvment remained nearly the same if we use consulting company. Now we can use these templates to gather information from all of our site and then use consultants at a later stage to complete the project. Thank you Supremus Group for low priced quality product."

    Long Term Care Organization having multiple locations

  14. "I searched the internet for quite sometime trying to find information about risk assessments, specifically a Disaster Recovery RA. Yours sounded interesting, but had to do with HIPAA. I decided to take a look and was very glad that I did. With a few changes I was able to adopt it to a bank and it saved me hours of work. A Thank You to you and your company for this useful tool. I would recommend it to anyone."

    Tina Eck, CFO
    First National Bank of Las Animas

  15. "The reports have my vote. I know personally how it is when you have to present a report with the same content in two different manners. The package has given a tool to save time and confusion in a meeting, and just maybe something will get done before the next quarter. I will definately consult your site for more tools to make my life easier."

    Stewart Goodwyn - Business Analyst BCP/DRP (Bought BIA templates)

  16. "There are a vast number of documents included and the information covers the pertinent areas for our Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan."

    Gail Mills
    Corporate Compliance Manager
    Valley Vista, ID

  17. "I needed a jump start to get a formalized DR plan started and completed. The Supremus Group LLC Data Center DR template package provided me with the all the guidelines I needed, plus provided me with a pre-formatted template to put all the information together into one neat package. I found the information quite worthwhile, and you cannot beat the price! Got a great running start on this project!"

    John P,
    Major NY Hospital System

  18. "Supremus Group Risk Assessment templates were both useful and accurate. Thanks to their availability, I was able to complete my work in hours instead of days. Thanks again!"

    -Jeremy, Consultant

  19. "It isn't often as an I.T. Professional I find a template that is so comprehensive and so thorough. We as an MIS staff were able to instantly see the ROI on using the templates provided by your site. Thank you."

    C.G. McBride

  20. I would like to say that the product that you send me on data backup plan and the development guide really make my job a whole lot easier. And I love the data backup plan template, all I had to do was plug my own company in the template and my report was done. And the examples of the data backup plan help me to understand what I wanted to write. Thank you very much for the data.

    Robert Beckley
    Computer Engineer/IT Manger
    University of California, San Diego

  21. "I'm really impressed by the value for money of this template; I will be able to save a lot of time in documenting my disaster recovery plan. I would definitely recommend it"

    An ICTC System Analyst

  22. Our organisation has never done a BIA before and the templates included in the pack give very clear guidance on how this BIA should be done. The process is easy to follow and easy to report on.

    Kind regards
    Clair Milner
    International Cricket Council

  23. After reading BC test templates and examples, I feel obligate to say how useful this material will be for us. As you know BC/DR is very well documented at theory level, but the problem starts when you need to document and put it into practice, particularly in non-contingency phases, such as test, maintenance, audit, awareness, etc. Your templates are just what we were looking for, practical material, clear contents, and with the level of detail so that we can customize them without re-write current contents.
    Thanks and best regards,

    Arancha Jimenez
    Atos Origin

  24. The materials were sent expeditiously and customer service has been fabulous. The documents are in meticulous format. The materials are impressive as they comprehensively highlight necessary areas of concern. I am exceptionally pleased with my decision to purchase the materials. I will not hesitate to purchase any additional materials from training-hipaa.net.
    Thanks so much!


  25. The BIA Package with Policies and Applications & Data Criticality Analysis Bundle is a very comprehensive and valuable resource. Any size organization that is planning to complete a BIA or update an existing one will find this package to be very helpful and easy to use. It contains all of the necessary forms, templates, policies, procedures and instructions along with actual examples.

    John W. Russell - MS, PE, CSP, CPE, CPEA, ARM, PCMH
    Technical Director
    National Markets Consulting Resource Center

  26. Great DRP templates at a great price. Templates saved weeks of effort and pointed us in the right direction. Definitely recommend to anyone.


  27. The Risk Assessment Bundle is easy to use and fairly straight-forward to learn how to use. The examples are excellent for demonstrating how reports and surveys should be conducted to non risk assessment trained managers or personnel. There are risks on the samples that we did not even considered. The bundle is Uncomplicated, efficient and user friendly and an efficient means of saving paper and time.

    Frank Cortes, CISSP
    Manager Global Information Security & Compliance

  28. As consultants, we consider Business Impact Analysis (BIA) a starting point of Business Continuity Management. It should provide detailed and meaningful information the BCM strategy and subsequently IT implementations should be built upon. We continously try to improve the quality of our service, which means gathering all aspects of impacts and interdependencies of organizational segments, and we find the templates received in the BIA package just the right thing. Templates provides a great starting point, especially for newcomers to this area.

    Luka Stepinac
    Business Analysis Dept. Manager
    CROZ d.o.o.

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