1. What is Hipaa Compliance Software?

As covered entities and business associates are trying to meet the HIPAA compliance, it our efforts to help them save time and money, we have created different templates to jump start your project and complete as soon as possible. HIPAA compliance software includes templates, samples, guides, worksheets, policies, procedures, checklist. The do it yourself templates will save you lot of time of your team (trying to reinvent the wheel) and thousands of dollars (using consultant to do the same for you).

2. What does Hipaa Compliance Software includes?

HIPAA compliance Software includes different template suites to help you with your HIPAA compliance.

1. HIPAA Contingency Plan Template Suite (more than 100 documents)
2. HIPAA Security Policies Template Suite (68 policies & procedures)
3. HIPAA Privacy Policies & Procedures Template Suite (51 policies & procedures)
4. HIPAA Risk Analysis Template Suite (6 documents)
5. HIPAA Audit Templates Suite (5 documents)

3. What are the benefits of the Hipaa Compliance Software?

The first step to achieve HIPAA compliance is to start with the HIPAA training for your HIPAA compliance officer. Once the training is completed, you will have a better understanding of the HIPAA regulation and requirement for you to be HIPAA compliant. These templates are required by all covered entities and business associates required to comply on the highest level.

Its benefits are:
  1. Templates will save you lot of time of your HIPAA compliance team as they are not starting from scratch and trying to reinvent the wheel. All policy procedures are pre written and in MS word format so you can add and delete content as needed (view sample HIPAA Policy)
  2. Templates will save you money as you don't need to use consultants to create your policy and procedures. Contingency planning templates can be used to complete the data gathering work and use the consulting company to finish your BCP/DRP plan. This will reduce the cost on project by thousands of dollars.
  3. Achieve HIPAA compliance quickly.
  4. Conduct HIPAA audit on ongoing basis with the audit templates.
  5. All templates are created by professionals so you are assured of the quality of the work.
  6. Many companies have used these templates and have given their testimonials for the products.
  7. If there is change in regulation, templates are updated to include the changes in the regulation.

4) How can I find if my company is "Covered Entity" under HIPAA regulations?

Please refer to this chart to determine your status

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