Small Business HIPAA Contingency plan

In most cases a small business will more often than not require an efficient Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and a Disaster Recovery plan (DRP) in the event of a disruptive occurrence in its premises. The Business Continuity Plan and the Disaster Recovery plan should assist the business recover immediately and easily while saving on costs and time associated with disruption losses.

Most of the times, natural catastrophes such as floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and other catastrophes leave most business in wreckage and thus translating to unimaginable losses. Therefore, it is in response to such events that it is fundamental to develop a perfect contingency plan that will assist a business recover faster.

Being a chief of a small business organization it is inevitable that there is every need to protect sensitive areas in your organization such as your IT server room, expensive equipments, power utilities as well as your workforce, clients and others from unforeseen disasters and injuries in case of such an event.

Our offers template packages on BCP and DRP particularly for small businesses. Our template suite packages are properly structured, formatted and documented such that it will be easy for you to follow through and make modifications where necessary since they come in MS word and Excel formats. The BCP and DRP plans will assist any small business identify and address potential threats surrounding its business and guide it towards to precautionary measures that can assist in its recovery during any disaster.

The Disaster Recovery Plan and Business Continuity Plan templates consist of forms, templates, checklist, guide, procedures, policies, samples and standards which can be used by any organization regardless of its size.

Our templates are in MS Word and Excel formats hence it should be easier for you to edit or make any changes to them wherever necessary. Therefore our BCP Template suite for small businesses has the following templates:

Business Impact Analysis

  • Enterprise Business Impact Analysis Survey - Short (15 pages)
  • Example - BIA Survey Short Version (13 pages)
  • Guide to Conducting a Business Impact Analysis (27 pages)

Department Recovery Plan

  • Department Recovery Plan Template (28 pages)
  • Guide to Documenting Department Continuity Plans (19 pages)
  • Example Plans - Accounting Recovery Plan (27 pages)
  • Example Plans - Corporate Communications Recovery Plan (25 pages)
  • Example Plans - Human Resources Recovery Plan (26 pages)

Disaster (Technology) Recovery Plan

  • Disaster Recovery Plan Template (47 pages)
  • Example - Disaster Recovery Plan (42 pages)
  • Guide to Documenting Disaster Recovery Plans (25 pages)

Data Backup Plan

  • Data Backup Plan Template (18 pages)
  • Data Backup Plan Development Guide (11 pages)
  • Example Data Backup Plan (19 pages)

Policy & Standards

  • Business Impact Analysis Policy & Standards (24 pages)
  • Department Planning Policy & Standards (23 pages)
  • Disaster Recovery (Technology) Planning Policy & Standards (35 pages)
  • Guide to Updating Policies & Standards (5 pages)
  • Risk Assessment Policy & Standards (19 pages)

Risk Assessment

  • Example - Risk Assessment Worksheet (15 Worksheets)
  • Guide to Conducting a Risk Assessment (21 pages)
  • Preventative measures (6 pages)
  • Risk Assessment Worksheet (15 Worksheets)

Strategy Documents

  • Contingency Planning Process (16 pages)
  • Selecting and Implementing Recovery Strategies (19 pages)
  • Types of Contingency Plans (9 pages)
  • Guidance for using Template Suite - Small Business (13 pages)
  • Project Plan Tasks (6 Worksheets)

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All the templates come in Microsoft Word/excel files so you can add, change and delete content as required to complete your HIPAA disaster recovery and business continuity plan. The sample and guide are in PDF format as they are used to complete the template.

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